Karin Lechner

As a long time athlete manager and film producer traveling was always an important part of my life. Also from my personal travels I learned that the ones that connected me closest to nature, that brought me closer to people as well as those trips that challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and accept the foreign as a valuable opportunity to learn, became some of the richest and most influential experiences in my life.

Travel today is an important inspiration to develop as a human for me, a way to deal with today’s rising demands and the increasing speed in all areas, to find space to refocus and give something positive back into the system. 
When we started the Snowmads project and I produced the first Snowmads films the goal was always to inspire people to venture out themselves, to experience freedom and connect with nature and others. I am very excited that with Snowmads Travel we can now offer off line travel experiences following the Snowmads spirit to open-minded people and looking forward to the adventures ahead.