Jules Zenzmaier

As a former competitive skier with a big passion for traveling, I spent a big part of my years in foreign countries looking for adventures and new people to meet. The older I got, the more I was able to define the experience that I was looking for in those travels. 

I began to discover a purer and simpler form of traveling and at the same time dove deeper into my experiences on those journeys. When I started going on trips with the Snowmads, to places I before wouldn’t even have thought of, things took another turn. It seemed like I traveled back in time, when tourists haven’t been looked at as a wallet with two legs and arms, producing a ton of waste. There are still plenty of hidden corners and amazing places on this planet where people are welcoming and invite you for dinner to have a nice chat.

This way of traveling and exploring the world taught me so much and I’m grateful for all experiences made and those yet to come.