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A special kind of adventure through the impressive Himalayas. On Royal Enfields, we explore the beautiful and wild region of Himachal Pradesh in North East India. The Characters you will meet on this journey and their mindblowing stories are as impressive as the diversity and wonders found in the Spiti and Lahoul Valley.

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Trip description

Hidden in north eastern of India, the Spiti & Lahaul Valley of the Himachal Pradesh region is the most remote place in a country defined by massive contrasts and population. Strongly influenced by Buddhism, the cultural depth of the valley unveils the many layers of diversity to be found on the road in India.

Exploring this region on Royal Enfields, it is an epic ride through rapidly changing scenery, customs, myths and beliefs. You will experience first hand the dust of India’s remoteness, the smells and sounds of the traditional way of living and the moving stories of the characters you will meet on this journey. 

Due to the heavy snowfalls in Winter, the route is only accessible for a short period of time in Summer. The roads are not for the faint hearted and the conditions are challenging. With altitudes of more than 4500m and unplanned surprises that shape memories and experiences, the encounters you will find on this trip will turn every rider into a storyteller.

Duration: 13 days 
Dates: 7th – 19th September 2020
Group Size: Min. 4, Max. 8
Starting Point: Chandigarh
Activities: Motorbiking, hiking

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