Snowmads Travel is the travel agency initiated by the Snowmads in order to let YOU experience our travel spirit and get to know the destinations that we’ve been exploring on various trips in the past. Going to unusual, not well-known places can make it very difficult to travel on your own, especially if you don’t have local contacts or speak the language. Here we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap, connecting our local friends with those looking for adventures in their home places.


Our way of traveling

Travel has its prescribed pathways. They are shaped by our dreams and aspirations but also directed in our assumptions, fears and prejudices. Our concept at Snowmads Travel is not only the refusal of these directions, but a way of traveling that allows you to step off those paths and find something new. By approaching the world with this ethos, we have discovered and explored some of the hidden treasures and corners of the world, bound friendships with locals and fellow Snowmads, and expanded our horizons to far reaching places that a destination alone cannot take you.

As our contagious dream became reality and formed a network around the world, we decided to connect our local friends with people looking for adventure. By offering guided tours we are now able to support local structures and provide authentic experiences.

For us, traveling starts where our perspective ends.


Less expectations,
more happiness

We all have a degree of responsibility when it comes to traveling, especially while exploring the corners of the world where tourism is just starting. At Snowmads, we respect and appreciate the local people, their customs, traditions and environment. In doing so, we accept that some things run a little differently from the non-stop functioning society that most of us find ourselves in.

So, plans can change… and in the countries we like to travel, they often do. By not tying ourselves to strictly planned itineraries and leaving some room for small changes, we try to always be where we find the best possible conditions for our adventures. Balkan based fellow Snowmad Dani, says, “less expectations more happiness”. 

So, don’t expect a lengthy itinerary, but be open to find what you are looking for.

local snowmads

People make places!

Our trips are rooted on the interactions and experiences built on the local people in the countries we visit. Snowmads Travel didn’t start out of motivation to make money… it just happened that we met exciting and beautiful people and found hidden wonders along our journeys.

Through our local guides, we take you to the destinations you might not find on your own, open your horizons through unexplored terrain, and question your perspectives with authentic experiences. 

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